Create discussion by getting open feedback from a large group

Use Polis to see how a discussion is evolving… in real time! Anyone can put forward their opinion and we see the reaction instantly with the moving visualisation of the group.


Unlimited. Better for large groups.


Sign up or log in with Facebook to start a conversation.


Easy. Web based with no login required.

What is it and why should I use it?

Polis provides visual feedback from a group discussion. It’s useful for conducting polls and finding out opinions, it shows you where the majority of people agree without dismissing the minority. It is based on direct participation, therefore any participant can submit something for discussion.

How do I use it?

You can have your first Polis conversation out in the world in less than a minute. Here’s how.

  1. Once you’re logged in, click +new
  2. Optionally give your conversation a topic and description
  3. Decide how much you would like to moderate the conversation
  4. Go to ‘comments’ on the left hand side, then go to ‘seed’. Add some perspectives for people to vote on so that the conversation isn’t empty when they arrive.
  5. Go to share and grab the link (it will look something like to paste into an email, a tweet, etc.
  6. Go to your conversation, watch responses roll in…

No direct replies = less trolling. Purrfect.

If you think about it, sitting in a stadium of 100,000 people if you can talk directly to someone across, and then someone else can talk to you, this information structure just breaks immediately. I think trolls … It kind of helped us realize how broken this information structure is. Basically, replies, at scale, don’t work. We did away with replies. That’s part of the core, that’s part of the foundation.
Colin Megill, CEO